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About Us

Our mission is to improve the quality of life in the Latino community

through education, leadership, services and advocacy.

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Our Story

In 1989, a United Way task force addressed the needs of the Latino community in Oklahoma County including the development of a pool of leadership to represent Latino interests on boards and commissions. At the end of 1990, the task force facilitated the development of a new program. Every agency in the United Way system was invited to submit a proposal to incubate a Latino program, which would later become an autonomous agency.

Neighborhood Services Organization (NSO) and Community Council of Central Oklahoma’s joint proposal was accepted and the Latino Community Development Agency (LCDA) was established in March 1991 as a program of Neighborhood Services Organization.

The LCDA was set up through the auspices of NSO for two to three years before becoming a separate agency. It had its own board of directors and budget while operating under NSO bylaws and 501(c) (3) certification. A 15-member board of directors was established, comprised of four members appointed from the NSO board, four members from the Community Council of Central Oklahoma board, and seven Latinos from the community.

In April 1991, Patricia B. Fennell was hired as Executive Director. An initial United Way allocation of $42,000 provided funding for salaries for the executive director and secretary. NSO provided in-kind support of office space, supplies, and some personnel support for payroll, bookkeeping, and consultation. The LCDA received its articles of incorporation in July 1993 and began autonomous operation on January 1, 1994, as a separate agency from the NSO. Thanks to extensive community volunteer commitment, staff enthusiasm, and creative partnerships, the LCDA has made great strides. The LCDA has gained local and national recognition as a responsible and stable organization serving as the crucial point for contact with and for the local Latino community.

A diversified board of directors oversees the agency operations and several committees’ agency activities in the areas of education, economic development, health, mental health and substance abuse prevention, communications, development, and personnel. Many Latino and non-Latino individuals participate in the work of these committees. In 1995, the LCDA obtained a building housed in the heart of the Latino community, designating it as the Riverside Community Center.

LCDA Continues Its Forward Movement

Future goals include expanding signature services to clients based in all areas of the City as well as the State. One of the many partners assisting LCDA in this monumental task is the Oklahoma City County Health Department (OCCHD). Late in 2015, both Boards approved the erection of a 14,000 square foot partner building on the Riverside property. Services currently not available on campus – family practice, pharmacy, x-ray, lab, training rooms, health kitchen, just to mention a few, will complement the signature programs both organizations offer to their clients.

Additionally, conversations began with City officials, LCDA and OCCHD supporters, and other funding sources to rehabilitate the Riverside Building. The Building needs to upgrade its technology, design, and access in order to properly serve its clients.

Thanks to the many investors, supports, partners, and collaborators who stood side-be-side LCDA throughout the years. It’s through that continued support the community is healthier, brighter, and prosperous today. Please stay the course with us as we redesign the future.

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